DMR V8 Pedals


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Product Description

The DMR V8 Pedals will increase your grip and control of your bike, from urban commuter to mountain bike, making them a fantastic upgrade to your bike. The tough Die Cast alloy body is built to last, as is the Chromoly axle. The pins are all replaceable in case you take a spill on the trail.

Adjustable bearings make maintenance a breeze, as does the grease port, which allows you to add in new grease without taking the pedals apart. Available in a variety of colours, the DMR V8 pedals make a great addition to any bike.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable bearings and a tough Chromoly axle.
  • A grease port and V-Lube syringe mean easy servicing
  • Eight replaceable M4 x 0.7mm x 8 corner pins, and 12 fitted non-replaceable pins per pedal
  • Colours: Black, Red, Silver, White, Blue, Lime, Orange
  • Weight: 528g per pair

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