In accordance with Law Number 7 of 2011 concerning Currency, Bank Indonesia is given the task and authority to manage Rupiah currency starting from the stages of Planning, Printing, Issuing, Circulation, Revocation and Withdrawal, to Destruction. That the Rupiah Money Management needs to be carried out properly in order to support the maintenance of monetary stability, financial system stability, and the smooth running of the payment system.
The management of Rupiah currency carried out by Bank Indonesia is aimed at ensuring the availability of Rupiah currency that is fit for circulation, in the appropriate denomination, on time according to the needs of the community, and safe from counterfeiting efforts while still prioritizing efficiency and national interests.
The use of rupiah in physical and digital business in the territory of Indonesia includes its use in physical form, accounts (account based), and digital financial instruments (digital based). The use of the rupiah outside the territory of Indonesia, including its use in quotations, financial transactions, and settlement of financial transactions, is confirmed in the regulations. The regulation also emphasizes that the use of rupiah by non-residents within the territory of Indonesia must be supported by underlying economic activities. Bank Indonesia may impose administrative sanctions for violations of the policy on the use of the rupiah in international activities.

1.00 US Dollar = 14836 Indonesian Rupiahs (IDR)

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