Mavic Deemax Elite 29″ MTB Rear Wheel


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Product Description

Gravity and trail shredders ask a lot from their wheels. For those who like to mix it up on rough, technical terrain, here is the perfect new wheel choice.

The Deemax Elite features cutting-edge design to help you push new limits and get the most out of your bike. The 30mm wide rims are built specifically for large tires, 2.25″ up to 3.0″. The rims are engineered with just enough vertical compliance to absorb some of the impacts that could damage a tire.

Our innovative ISM 4D rim technology remove excess material, which makes the rims as light as possible without sacrificing strength. They are built up with 28 steel, double-butted spokes front and rear, and come with tubeless tape that makes it easy to experience all the benefits of UST tubeless: better traction, a smoother ride quality, and a reduced risk of flats.

From aggressive trail riding days to enduro races and laps in the bike park, experience a wheel that’s made for the way you ride.

Key Features:

  • Improved tire performance.
  • 30mm wide rims to support the large tires, from 2.25 up to 3.0.
  • UST for optimal tubeless function.
  • Vertically compliant to absorb some of the impacts that could damage a tire.
  • Have better control on technical trails.
  • ISM 4D rim for the perfect balance of stiffness and compliance, weight and strength.
  • ID 360 ratchet gives a snappy response.
  • Optimized spoke material and lacing provide a supple yet responsive and predictable ride.
  • Feel secure on challenging trails and terrain.
  • Confidence inspired by Mavic’s quality control and innovative design.


Freewheel: Shimano Micro Spline
Front axle: 15mm, convertible to 20mm thru axle with included adapters
Rear axle: 12mm thru axle, convertible to Quick Release with optional adapters
Freewheel: Shimano/Sram or XD

Auto adjust sealed cartridge bearings (QRM Auto), front and rear
Freewheel: Instant Drive 360
Front and rear bodies: aluminum
Axle material: aluminum

Compatible Adapters and freewheel bodies
ID360 Shimano Micro Spline alloy freewheel body (LV3990100)
Non-Boost : 12×142 rear axle adapters (LV2510700 – Delivered with the wheel)
Non-Boost : 12×135 rear axle adapters (LV2510900)
Non-Boost : 20 to 9mm front adapter for quick release (L12982700)
Non-Boost : 20mm front hub cap (L12982900 – Delivered with the wheel)
Boost : 12×148 rear axle adapters (LV2510700 – Delivered with the wheel)
Boost & Non-Boost : 20 to 15mm front adapter (L12982800 – Delivered with the wheel)
Boost : 20×110 boost front hub cap (LV2680400 – Delivered with the wheel)
ID360 XD freewheel body (LV3740100)
ID360 Shimano alloy freewheel body (LV3780100)
ID360 Shimano steel freewheel body (LV3790100)

Intended Use
Recommended tyre sizes: 60mm to 76mm (2.35″ to 3.0″)
For a longer longevity of the wheel, Mavic recommends that the total weight supported by the wheels don’t exceed 120kg, bike included

Freewheel; SRAM XD, Shimano HG, Shimano Micro-Spline
Hub width : Boost (front 110, rear 148) or Non-Boost (front 100, rear 135/142)
Disc standard : 6 Bolts only
Color: Black only

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